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Natural shampoo for hair care in solid form. It is an excellent alternative to liquid shampoo because it does not require the special packaging, and it can be used about 30-40 times. After the washing, the hair becomes abundant, easier to comb, and it falls out less. Rub the shampoo into wet hair, massage your scalp, and then rinse thoroughly. Coconut oil stimulates the growth of follicles, nourishes and regenerates your hair. Women in the tropic areas use coconut oil as hair care, so, in older age, they rarely suffer from hair loss or gray hair. It also contains nettle powder which provides your hair with minerals and vitamins necessary for its strengthening, and it also stimulates the hair growth, regulates the sebum secretion, etc. Peony root powder soothes itching and scalp irritation, boosts hair growth, and makes your hair vital and shiny. Burdock root powder activates skin microcirculation and helps against hair loss. Phytokeratine, provitamin B5, and rice protein are an excellent choice for dry, thin, and colored hair. This shampoo also contains atlas cedar essential oil which helps against dandruff and stimulates the hair growth by acting on arterial circulation. Ylang-ylang essential oil is a skin regenerator and sebum regulator.
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