30 ml price: 55kn
50 ml price: 85 kn
Today’s BB cream is an essential part of a daily beauty ritual, and contains additives which maintain the freshness and youthful look of skin, so it serves as anti-wrinkle care. The cream also contains a natural mineral called titanium dioxide which reflects the sun rays and thus protects the skin. Zinc oxide has antiseptic and antifungal properties, and also protects from the sun. This cream has colored oxides, and their combination gives wanted color. BB cream contains candy extract in order to have a nice, sweet scent. Almond oil is intended for dry and sensitive skin prone to itching and irritation. Pure natural BB cream will fully meet the expectations because it is made from carefully selected natural ingredients, which themselves are the food for skin. Moreover, it contains substances having healing (therapeutic) properties, adjusted to the needs of your skin. Get this pure natural BB cream and use it for a month - everything else will be told by your mirror!
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